Arabic Language Lessons

Few Americans speak Arabic, but the demand for this skill has never been greater. Global attention on the Middle East has skyrocketed in recent years, and fluent Arab speakers are now regularly being hired for intriguing, critical positions.

Atlas Dream Languages provides Arabic training by native speakers with experience teaching American students. This “best of both worlds” approach provides students with a unique cultural understanding on top of the traditional language instruction.

As a student learning Arabic at Atlas Dream Languages, you will be handed a key to unlock a promising future. Your language skills will place you in demand in fields such as business, the foreign service, intelligence, journalism, defense, or interpretation/translation. You will be able to navigate your way around 20 Arab countries and communicate with over 250 million Arabic speakers.

Your own version of a thousand and one Arabian nights could begin by wishing a simple “salaam aleikum” to a seller in a bazaar…