French Language Lessons

Pleasure is the essence of French culture, and the language is the essence of the culture. Nobody delights quite like the French in food, wine, romance, architecture, or simple conversation. By learning the basics of how to parler fran├žais, you will open yourself to experience new worlds of luxury and appreciation.

Because of the many uses of French, Atlas Dream Language instructors will consult with you before beginning instruction to get a sense of your goals and desires. The instruction will be targeted specifically to you. Whether you want to be able to converse on the street during a vacation, study art at the Louvre, or read Proust or Montaigne, we will emphasis the aspects of the language most relevant to you.

And, while the French may be loathe to speak directly about practicality, the reality is that it is a most useful language. 2,400 American companies are in operation in France, and over 3,000 French companies have business in the United States. 80 million native speakers and 190 million secondary speakers use the language in over 25 countries, from the Caribbean to the Maghreb to the Far East.

Come learn with us, develop a useful skill, and experience a new joie de vivre!