German Language Lessons

Whether you want to connect with your German relatives, plan to travel to Germany for business, enjoy a real challenge, or are simply curious about the German language, we encourage you to start learning German today!

German is the native language of well over 100 million people worldwide; Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries share German as their mother tongue.  In other parts of the world such as Belgium, Poland, and the former Soviet Union, German is widely spoken.

German has gained much power in the recent years thanks to the economic strength of German-speaking countries. German ranks third behind English and Japan as the language of the economically most powerful business community.  German-speaking Switzerland and Luxembourg are, per capita, the wealthiest countries in Europe. It is no wonder that 68% of Japanese students study German. They understand that this economic power could only translate to more business opportunities. German firms with US operations such as BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Lufthansa, SAP, Bosch would choose someone with German literacy over an equally qualified candidate.  Thus, Americans who speak German would have a greater advantage in landing a position with one these reputable companies.