Italian Language Lessons

Learn about “la dolce vita” in Italia. The country has it all: a rich and endless history to discover, artistic treasures hidden around every corner, a regional cuisine that seemingly changes every two feet, and a gracious population that is as expressive with their hands as they are with their tongue. It is truly a magical place with varied scenery that reveals shining seas, towering mountains and sweet undulating hills in a one-hour radius—Not to mention their world famous gelato, vino italiano, and the margherita pizza! Take a walk down the fashionable streets in Milan, the leather markets in Florence, or around the winding roads of many of the small towns scattering the boot. Wherever you are, there is beauty to discover. Once you talk-the-talk, you’ll truly gain that authentic Italian experience—you may even try your hand at flirtations in the language of love.


For those who dream of Tuscan hillsides, aged Barolos, and a slower, more appreciative way of living, the Italian language may be your key to discovering the culture. With Atlas Dream Languages, you will develop the confidence to converse with the locals. Envision la bella vita, and make it yours!