Japanese Language Lessons

With over 126 million speakers, Japanese is considered one of the important languages in the world. Its origins remain ambiguous, the benefits of learning it are as clear as a bell.

Learning Japanese will expand your business opportunities. Japan is the second largest economy in the world and home of some of the most successful and most admired companies worldwide. Names like Sony, Toshiba, and Toyota have set standards for excellence and quality. Their divisions in United States continue to employ thousands of people. Mastering this language will not only increase your employment opportunities with these companies, but also with the numerous American companies that have branches in Japan.

In addition, studies have shown that the average Japanese family has a $3,800 monthly disposable income. For entrepreneurs, being able to tap into this market will create tremendous opportunities for growth.

While the economic growth is a strong motivator for learning Japanese, one must not ignore the rich history and the distinct tractions of Japan. It has been reported that the Japanese language patterns mirrors the mindset of the Japanese; the way the language is structured could provide insights as to why Japanese behave the way they do; therefore, this cultural element will be much more appreciated if the person is able to communicate with people in their native tongue, read their literature in its script and overall experience Japan in its most authentic way: its language!