Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons

Mandarin Chinese is one of the important languages in the world. It is the standard language for a quarter of the world’s population. Learning Mandarin Chinese will open doors of communication with over one billion people! If this is not a good enough reason to start learning today, consider the fact that China has the fastest growing major economy in the World. With an impressive rate, Chinese is becoming the future language for business. Just as learning English was necessary to infiltrate the American markets, Mandarin Chinese will eventually rise to that level and be the language of choice for future generations.

China is one of the US’s top trading partners, so being able to speak this language will definitely make you valuable in the eyes of employers.  Your resume would automatically move to the top of pile. It is not a secret that companies are desperate for people who can speak with the locals.

As a student, learning Mandarin Chinese makes your college application much more attractive. It shows that the student has long-term vision, dedication and commitment.

Beyond economic and educational pursuits, there is a fundamental pleasure in immersing oneself in the ancient history and culture of China.  Think about the joy in being able to take pleasure in authentic Chinese Opera and theatre, watch Kung-Fu movies in their original language, and read Chinese philosophy as it was written by many great writers.