July 2014 – Student of the Month – Danette Hunter


My name is Danette and I have been taking French lessons with Zineb Outnouna at Atlas Dream Languages for 1 ½ years. Danette Hunter I first took French lessons at the local Community College 5 years ago, because my daughter was living in France and I wanted to learn a little bit about the language and culture before visiting her.  Prior to that I did not know any French!  After my visit to France, I wanted to continue to learn French because I thought it would be a good exercise for my brain, and I wanted to improve my pronunciation and knowledge of the language.  So, for my birthday, my daughter paid for one lesson with Zineb, and I have continued for 1 ½ years.  The lessons with Zineb are different from a regular classroom in that they are tailored to my needs.  I get personal attention and get my questions answered at each class.  My pronunciation is improving and I am able to read and write some things in French.  Zineb and I even have short conversations in French!  I am always amazed at the progress that I am making.  Zineb makes each lesson fun and I have learned about the French language and some of the culture.  Learning is a lifelong process and you are never too old to start!