What our clients say

“I have taken Egyptian Arabic with Zineb for over a year. I began without any knowledge of the language, but have since made considerable progress. I can now comfortably speak with Arabs, particularly Egyptians who come to this country and have only a limited command of English. When in Belgium, I was able to converse with my cab driver in Arabic. When I was in Morocco, people were impressed that I spoke their language. The dialects in these countries are different than what I am learning, but I was still able to communicate.

Zineb’s approach to teaching is tailored to the individual. She is flexible in changing her approach to meet the skill level and learning speed of the particular student. I have found that to be most helpful in learning to speak, read, and write. As an educator who studied several languages, earned a Ph.D., and taught at a university for over 30 years, I recognize that Zineb has a gift for teaching. Her methods produce impressive results. I highly recommend Zineb and Atlas Dreams Languages.”

Dr. Sandra Murray

Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, The University of Pittsburgh


“The lessons provided by Atlas Dream Languages were just what I needed to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the Italian language. Instruction was streamlined using a question and answer format that facilitated learning.  I now have sufficient confidence to speak and understand Italian in basic everyday situations.  This course is a must for anyone planning a tour of Italy; or for companies and individuals looking to conduct business more effectively with Italian speaking customers, suppliers, and others. Grazie! “

Bob DeGusipe

Retired Executive

“In my time working with Zineb I learned more than I ever thought was possible.  Zineb has high expectations of her students, but she gives you all the tools you need to meet these expectations.  She is always finding new and creative ways to keep her students engaged and active in their learning. I fully recommend Atlas Dreams Languages to anyone looking to learn a foreign language. You will not find a more capable, committed, friendly, and devoted teacher than Zineb.”

Anne Quinio

Office manager

“I home school my kids, and finding an effective foreign language instructor has been high on my list of priorities for the past 3 years. Having hired 2 other tutors in the past with slow results, I have been truly astounded at how fast my 4 kids have progressed with Spanish this term! I look forward to both continuing on through all of the levels of Spanish offered by Atlas Dreams Languages, as well as trying out some of the other language options as well.”

Emily Viehland

Independent Marketing Executive at Melaleuca

 “My experience with Zineb as my tutor has been a great experience. She has always been accommodating to meet me with my consistently busy schedule; Whether it meant meeting on campus or at a local Starbucks for a late night preparation for an exam, she has been very diligent in helping me learn and excel. Her instruction of the Arabic language not just rivals but exceeds any previous foreign language teacher I have ever had. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to truly master a language.”

Colin Abell

College student

“I would absolutely work with Zineb if I was given the opportunity again. She broke things down and explained them to me in a way that was easy for me to understand. She made our sessions fun and interesting. Zineb taught me to be motivated and always try my hardest (things that are important now that I am leaving for college). She was a positive role model and made me realize that I can succeed at anything if I put my mind and energy to it. thanks so much Z!”

Maura Mullen

High school graduate.